business formation

10 Steps


1. Check whether you fulfil the conditions for staying in the Netherlands

Entrepreneurs who intend to stay in the Netherlands must fulfil a number of conditions. You will sometimes also require a residence permit.


2. Select a legal form

Owners of a new business must first select a legal form (e.g. one-man business or a private limited company). The legal form determines such issues as liability and tax obligations.


3. Select a trade name

In order to have your business included in the Trade Register, you will require a trade name (company name).


4. Register with the Trade Register and Tax Administration

New businesses must be registered with the Trade Register kept by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce will pass on your details to the Tax and Customs Administration. You do not need to register separately with the Tax and Customs Administration.


5. Check whether you require certain professional qualifications

You do not require a separate qualification to establish a business in the Netherlands. However, you are only allowed to practise certain professions if you meet certain requirements.


6. Consult the zoning plan with regard to your business location

If you plan to establish your business at a particular location, this choice of location must be in line with the municipal zoning plan. If this is not the case, however, you can apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (Omgevingsvergunning) to carry out your plans. You can also ask the municipality to change the zoning plan.


7. Consider environmental regulations

If your business operations will have an impact on the environment, you must submit a notification of environmental management to your local municipality. Sometimes you must also apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (Omgevingsvergunning).


8. Consider fire safety requirements for your business premises

If you occupy a business property, you have to take measures to ensure fire safety. In most cases you must submit a notification of occupancy to your local municipality. Sometimes you must also apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (Omgevingsvergunning).


9. Create your business accounts

As you often incur expenses before the official launch of your business, make certain to create your accounts in a timely manner. In the Netherlands, you are legally obliged to maintain accounts and to retain them for seven years.


10. Check whether you need insurance

If you live in the Netherlands or earn income here, you are obliged to take out health insurance. You are also obliged to pay Dutch national insurance contributions. Additionally, there are several ways to insure your business’s assets in the event of legal liability or any other any other risk you can’t afford to cover.

Business Formation


SET UP your company in few steps




Setting up your company in the Netherlands

Continuous Personal assistance

Office Rental /Domiciliation in Amsterdam or in Rotterdam

Branch registration

BSN Number

Dutch Business bank account services

Obtaining your VAT number and EORI number

Accountancy Services


Ducth Office


- Name check and approval

- Domiciliation, provision of registered company and registered address for one year

- Provision of company secretary for one year

- Personal assistance

- BSN number

- EORI number/ VAT Number/ Trading certificates




- Filling incorporation documents with the registrar of companie/shareholders

- A standard set of original documents, type of a business, sharholders capital


TAX registration number

KvK registration nukber


Legal support


Immigration services, work and resident permit

Business development, continuing support to run your business in the first years


Dutch Trade Office


Business Trading support

Networking and finding leads

Buy and sale,

Registering at B2B business portal (first three months free of charge)

Export and Import services

Douane and custom services




Your own bookkeeper/accounter

TAX/BTW and annual repport


Media and Marketing


- Media production/advertisment

- Marketting support, social media, yellow pages, promotion

- Web design

- E-mail marketing

- Network marketing



Foreign company registration


If you are a foreign company with a Dutch branch (permanent establishment), you must be registered in the Dutch Trade Register. Registration is done by our notary after we received your documents. These are:


Registration non-legal entity company

Registration official of a legal entity

Registration authorised representative business agent. We send you the English forms as an example, but make sure to submit the main activities


You also must send in the following documents:


Proof of company registration from the country where it was founded (not older than 1 month).

Certified copy of the Memorandum of Association.

Certified copy of the Articles of Association.

Certificate of incumbency, which clearly shows the appointed Board of Directors.

These forms may be in Dutch, English, German or French.


If you have any questions relating to your registration, please be advised by our notary.


If you are a foreign company that doesn't have a permanent establishment in the Netherlands, we will provide you a desk. However, if you are involved in VAT, you do have to register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (see below) yourself.


Consultation of the Trade Register


You can consult the Dutch Trade Office if you are using secretary services, which is looking in the Trade register to find information about registered businesses, foundations and associations, you can llok also by yourself. Information from the Trade Register can be requested from the Chamber of Commerce by phone on 0900 123 4567 (€0.70 per minute). If you require a digital certified extract of your company’s information, you are entitled to request one copy free of charge each year from the Chamber of Commerce. You must pay for any additional extracts required.


Protecting your data with the non mailing indicator


Your details listed in the Trade Register are publicly available. By activating the non-mailing indicator, you indicate that your data are not available for direct marketing purposes.


We might support you with registration procedure after you joined our office.


Registration Dutch Tax and Customs Administration


Registration with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration happens after the our notary enter your business in the Trade Register. The latter is necessary if your company has a permanent establishment in the Netherlands. If you represent a foreign company that is not registered in the Trade Register (i.e. no permanent establishment in the Netherlands), while performing services in the Netherlands that involve VAT, you must register at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration with an valid address. Do you want to know which documents we need from you to complete your company formation and is what is the fee? Send an email to

Registration temporary employment agencies and other suppliers of workers


If your organisation supplies workers in the Netherlands, this fact must be added explicitly to your registration with the Trade Register. This also applies to foreign companies offering services without a Dutch branch and so-called '06-vans' (mobile employment agencies). Failing to do so may result in high administrative fines.


If you hire staff from a supplier who is not listed in the Trade Register, you may be fined as well. You should therefore always check whether the supplier has been registered correctly. You can use the Waadi check (Dutch) offered by the Chamber of Commerce for this purpose. 'Waadi' derives from the applicable Act (Wet allocatie arbeidskrachten door intermediairs).


Chamber of Commerce Number and VAT number


You will be issued a Chamber of Commerce number after our notary send your documents for registering in the Trade Register. All legal entities and alliances will also be given a Legal Person and Alliance Information Number (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer, RSIN). If your business consists of more than one branch, each of them will be given a unique branch number consisting of 12 digits. You will automatically receive your VAT number from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration send to your address in the Netherlands.


Reporting changes


If any of the following changes take place in your business, you must notify us if you are usine our secretary services, we will inform the Chamber of Commerce, other wise you have to inform the Chamber of Commerce by yourself in your region within one week:


Change of address.

Change of business details.

Change of officer or director.

Registration, change or deregistration of a branch.

Change of or addition to trade name.

If your business is taken over by a new owner, partnership or legal entity, the business will receive a new Chamber of Commerce number.


Cessation of business


If your business ceases trading, you must deregister from the Trade Register. You can either send or hand in the deregistration form together with a copy of your identity document to the office of the Chamber of Commerce in your region. The Chamber of Commerce will pass on your deregistration to the Tax and Customs Administration.


Our services with registration Trade Register


- How to register?

- Foreign company registration

- Registration temporary employment agencies and other suppliers of employment

- Chamber of Commerce Number

- Reporting changes

- Cessation of business

- Consultation of the Trade Register

- Non mailing indicator

More services available to ease your trading:


Company Support


House Fee Included in Price

Limited Company Registration

Confirmation in just a few hours!


Certificate of Incorporation


Articles of Association



Memorandum of Association

Emailed Reminders


Be on time!

Ready to Trade

Company - Limited by Shares

Certificate of Incorporation

Official Original for your Bank

FREE Corporate

Hijack Protection

Memorandum of Association

Printed Original for your Bank

Articles of Association

Printed Original for your Bank

Official Incorporation Minutes

Printed ready for your Bank

Share Certificates

Printed ready for your Bank

Business Bank Account Introduction

Arranged for you (subject to status)

Dedicated Account Manager

In-house total support

Introduction to an Accountant

To help with your tax and accounts


Registered Office

Register at our official address

Mail Forwarding

Your business post sent on to you

First Annual Return

We do this paperwork for you

VAT Registration


Business Guiding



When you choose your product and the company you like to trade with, we will guide and support you with consulting, advocacy, trading, closing deals, communication, banking, wiring money and all legal matters such as contract, insurance and other legal protections. We have more services to offer such as export and import which might be in your interest as well.








Please call us or send an email to:



Dutch Office Services


- Set up a company in the EU and Dubai

- Investing in the EU en Dubai

- Renting an Office or a virtual office

- Accounting, bookkeeping

- Opening a banking account

- Buy a business, offshore company

- Business plan, marketing and promotion

- Business development and generating leads

- Work permission and immigration support

- VAT and legal support

- Trading consulting, import and export

- Business consulting

Step-by-step guide for starting a business in the Netherlands


Owners of a new business in the Netherlands must observe various government rules. You can use this step-by-step guide to quickly determine which general obligations you must fulfil when starting a business.


This guide merely serves as a guideline, as there may be other obligations to fulfil as well. Please be sure to consult the sector information for your specific sector offered on this website for additional requirements and information.


Specific step-by-step guides for certain sectors and subjects can be found on the list of step-by-step guides on this website. Also, Answers for Business has listed the most important rules for self-employed professionals (zzp’ers) and part-time entrepreneurs.

Business Formation

Dutch status, Registering at chamber of commerce, Tax office

Trade Register and Tax Administration


If you set up a business in the Netherlands, you must have it registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK). If you practise an independent profession such as lawyer or architect, and the criteria for a business apply to you as well, you must register too. Registration is possible from the first week before the start of your business to first week after the start. We assist you with registration, The (one-off) registration fee for consulting is €250.

Business formation in the Netherlandse

(in the center of Amsterdam)


Services and the price for a complete packet:

- Name check and approval

- Filling incorporation documents with the Registrar of Companies

- A standard set of original documents, type of a business, sharholders capital en investment.

- Payment of the fee

- Provision of registered company and registered address for one year

- Provision of company secretary for one year

- Bank account

- BSN number


Standard package: € 2680

Why the Netherlands?



The central geographical position of the Netherlands and its outstanding infrastructure make it the ideal gateway to start expanding your business to (mainland) Europe. • The Netherlands acts as the logistics hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port (Europe’s largest) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (named best European airport for2013), both with renowned service levels. • The Netherlands features one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated workforces in Europe. • Due to its exceptional amount of bilateral investment treaties, the Netherlands is a secure place from which to make your investments. • The Dutch political/financial climate has been very stable for decades. • The Netherlands has the eighth position of cleanest countries in the world with respect to the perceived level of public sector corruption. • According to the Global Enabling Trade Report 2014 of the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands ranks third out of 138 countries in the Enabling Trade Index 2014.


How to register?


Start with the suitable type of a company


When you start up a one-man business, general partnership (vof), limited partnership (cv) or a partnership (maatschap), we support you with registering with the "Dutch Trade Register".


When we set up a legal entity, such as a private limited company (bv) or a foundation (stichting), a civil-law notary will arrange for the legal entity to be included in the Trade Register.


When registered by our notary, you do not need to register separately with the Tax and Customs Administration. We will manage the full registration.


You need an address for your company and a phone number. We provide you with both.

Address for your company / Office

(100 meter from the Dam Palace)




- Post forwarding by 1 x week

- Scan your post

- Mailforwarding (stamps are not included)



Standard Package: €65


Visit the Netherlands



Oversees companies who are interested to bring a business visit to the Netherlands to products and discuss new opportunities; trading looking for exhibitions, investing or starting a business in the Netherlands will receive the necessary support for visiting the Netherlands.



Exhibitions in the Netherlands

The page below will you help to find different exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Reserve with Iran Dutch, your travel, hotel and for visiting the exhibition of your choice.



Three important issues to consider after company registration:


1. Rent an office


For your new registerd company in the Netherlands, choose between virtual address a share desk or independent office or even combine office and the storage.


3. Secretary servcices


- consulting

- adminstration and bookkeeping

- Representing your company

- Managing your mails and frowarding

- A local point for your business relation

- Finding staff and a local director


3. Business Development and partnership


- Coworking with a Dutch company

- Representing your office and company

- Taking over some of your responsibilities

- Taking over the secretary services

- Managing your export and import

- Distributing your product in the Europe

- Buy agent and sales


Send an email to us we manage your office well.

Business Register


In the Netherlands registration in the Business Register is compulsory for every company and almost every legal entity. This means that the register is able to provide reliable answers to such questions as:


Does the company I want to do business with actually exist?

Is the person I am dealing with actually an authorised signatory?

What has happened to the company I used to do business with?

Provision of services in the Netherlands: 'cross-border' versus 'establishment'


If you are a resident from one of the countries within the European Economic Area (Europese Economische Ruimte, EER) or from Switzerland, you should be able to offer your services in the Netherlands without any legal or practical obstructions. You can do this either by establishing your company in the Netherlands or by offering your services in the Netherlands from within your own country.


No difference establishment and cross-border service


Regardless of what you choose, the rules that apply to the services provided by you are basically the same. Dutch legislation does not differentiate between foreign or Dutch service providers. The same is also true in terms of establishment versus temporary, cross-border service. In Dutch legislation, specific rules apply to the activity that you conduct. Who performs the activity or where this person comes from is considered not to be relevant.


Obviously, for certain activities or services, you must have an establishment in the Netherlands. This is true, for example, for running a cafe or setting up a childcare centre. In this case, there are differences in terms of laws and regulations and one must register their establishment in the Netherlands with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.


Please note: Should Dutch legislation distinguish between Dutch and foreign service providers for a specific activity, or between established and temporary, cross-border service, we will explicitly mention this on this website.



You live in another country and you have income from the Netherlands



If you live in the Netherlands, you are a resident taxpayer (only available in Dutch). Do you live abroad and do you have income in or from the Netherlands? In that case, you have non-resident taxpayer status. In both cases, you are subject to Dutch income tax and you usually have to file an income tax return in the Netherlands annually. Do you have non-resident taxpayer status? In that case, you can opt to pay income tax according to the same tax rules as when you have resident taxpayer status.


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