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About Dutch Office


Duch Office as a service desk of Dutch Trade Office provides the foreign entrepreneurs and company with incorporating a new company in Europe and in Dubai. We set up a company of your choice, with VAT number, registering at the Dutch office registration (KvK), opening a bank account and providing the right professional office address, in the best-located areas.



Dutch Office is an International Consulting Company based in Amsterdam created for international clients for those who are looking to expand to the European market.


Our company has been created by Dutch Trade Office for providing secretary and office services to those companies that are in need of a partner to do vusiness and to trust.


Our people have the experience in assisting international clients in their business throughout the Netherlands. The new business owner in the Netherlands need the best consulting for the best price to setup them business in a save envirenment and to grow.


By assisting to setup a business we will help to get a VAT number, registering at the chamber of commerce, opening a bank account and providing a business location in Amsterdam.


Our customers start in a few days with realizing them plan and implementing business activities. Our customers are from all over the world, so our team. Our work is devoided in:


- Consultancy

- Legal advice

- Business development

- Seretary services

- Marketing & sell

- Accounting and TAX minimization





Ario Soltani

CEO Dutch Trade Office



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