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Legal and Business Services in the Netherlands - Holland


Business Legal Consulting is part of Dutch Office secretary services, which forms a legal advice, business developing, marketing and

communication extension of the Dutch Trade Office B.V. .

Our partners for the provision of comprehensive and professional legal and business services are available to both local Dutch and international clients.


Our professional team members have educational and have experoence in Dutch, EU and International Law. The subjects that we can assists you with are: The Dutch and EU Immigration law, Dutch and EU Labour law, Dutch and EU Corporate law, International trade law, Intellectual property, Dutch and EU Tax law, European law, Dutch and EU Competition law, and more.


The services include multinational corporate structuring, incorporations, appointing and dismissing of main corporate leaders, drafting labour contracts and labour dispute settlements, drafting business contracts, anti-dumping practices, recourse of debts and relevant litigations, trademark registrations, joint venture incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, liquidations and bankruptcy, foreign marriage registrations, application of work permits and family reunion visa as well as other kinds of residence permits.





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