Virtual office

Virtual Office, desk or an office!

Your Virtual office in Amsterdam

Price: € 900,-

Mail forwarding services are included in secretary services.

Secretary services:

Price: € 1200,-

As a foreign entrpreneur you might have many questions:

Who's going to manage

- mine post/mail

- invoices and bookkeeping

- phone calls

- bank account

- How and when to pay the TAX/VAT

Who are my customers, what is my target?

Where do I get a good consult

to set up my company?

Do I need someone to run the business?

Who is the accounter?

What are my products and services?

How do you manage all this in a foreign country?

Don't worry! Dutch Office will help you.

Address types:

- virtual                        € 900,-

   Post forwarding

Dutch office will advise you to minimize your expenses at the same time to speed up the process of compnay formation

Your office

A virtual (post) address or a desk

Mail forwarding, digital scan documents, phone support, answering

Send an email to us we manage your office well.

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